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Table 2 Summary of training and support provided to the volunteers

From: Implementing a successful proactive telephone breastfeeding peer support intervention: volunteer recruitment, training, and intervention delivery in the RUBY randomised controlled trial

Component Description When provided Volunteers involved
Face to face training sessions 4-h training session facilitated by research team and ABA facilitator Prior to commencing peer support role Mandatory for all volunteers
Training manual A hardcopy of the 32-page RUBY Volunteer Mother’s Information Manual Given to all volunteers during the training session All eligible volunteers attending the training session
Volunteer social events Informal morning-tea facilitated by volunteer coordinator and chief investigator Approximately every six months for duration of study Optional invitation to all volunteers providing peer support
Regular phone/email contact from volunteer coordinator Phone or email contact with volunteers by volunteer coordinator during periods of support. Within one week of allocation of a mother. Another call made a week later and then monthly contact during period of support. All volunteers actively providing peer support
Financial reimbursement $50 AUD reimbursement for calls made during each period of support At the conclusion of each period of support All volunteers actively providing peer support could submit forms for reimbursement