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Table 1 Themes, sub-themes and descriptions of the data extracted

From: Exploring women’s perceptions of pain when breastfeeding using online forums

Theme Description Sub-themes
Variation in types of pain Different types of pain that women experienced and referred to throughout their experience of breastfeeding - Pain location
- Sensory and emotional aspect of pain
- Physical process associated with the pain
Perceived causes and explanations for pain Interpretations and reasons why women may be experiencing different types of pain - Recognised condition
- Behavioural explanations
Cessation of breastfeeding related to pain Reasons and struggles, related to pain, why women consider stopping breastfeeding - Physical aspects
- Psychological aspects
Shared experiences and support Types of support, experiences and knowledge that women provide to support other women on their breastfeeding journey - Sharing experiences
- Practical support
- Experience and support from health professionals