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Table 2 Factor loadings (N = 450)

From: Validation of the Arabic Maternal Breastfeeding Evaluation Scale (MBFES-A) among Lebanese women

Infant satisfaction/growth Factors
1 2 3
-Baby loved to nurse 0.738   
-Baby did not relax while nursing 0.721   
-Baby wasn’t interested with breastfeeding 0.700   
-Baby was an eager breast-feeder 0.700   
-Breastfeeding was soothing when my baby was upset and crying 0.644   
-While breastfeeding, my baby’s growth was excellent 0.642   
-My baby and I worked together to make breastfeeding go smoothly 0.617   
-The fact that I could produce the food to feed my own baby was very satisfying 0.591   
-Baby gained weight really well with breast milk 0.576   
Maternal enjoyment/Role attainment
-Breastfeeding made me feel a more confident mother   0.716  
-With breastfeeding I felt a sense of inner contentment   0.665  
-I felt extremely close to my baby when I breastfed   0.655  
-Breastfeeding made me feel like a good mother   0.647  
-Breastfeeding felt wonderful to me   0.646 −0.43
-I really enjoyed nursing   0.627 −0.44
-Breastfeeding was a very nurturing, maternal experience 0.44 0.570  
-Breastfeeding made my baby feel more secure 0.44 0.539  
-Breastfeeding was like a high of sorts   0.541 −0.47
-Breastfeeding was a special time with my baby   0.493  
-It was important to me to be able to nurse   0.480  
Lifestyle/Body image
-While breastfeeding, I felt too tied down all the time    0.727
-Breastfeeding was physically draining    0.708
-I could easily fit my baby’s breastfeeding with my other activities    0.616
-It was a burden being my baby’s main source of food    0.543
-Breastfeeding made me feel like a cow    0.420
-While breastfeeding, I was anxious to have my body back    0.417