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Table 1 Description of selected training courses

From: Applying systematic review search methods to the grey literature: a review of education and training courses on breastfeeding support for health professionals

Title Place Duration In-person or online learning Course content Tuition fee References
Lactation Management Course Alaska 90 h, 32 contact hours Not included Breastfeeding-update for health professionals. Breastfeeding: good for the baby. Better for women. Mother kangaroo: affection that saves lives. Parental care. Clinical course on breastfeeding management. Extended course of breastfeeding management Not included [24]
Lactation Course for Health Professionals Australia 120 h In-person and Online learning Early days to 12 months, Anatomy & Physiology, Sociology, Psychology & Counselling, Endocrinology & Biochemistry, Pregnancy, Birth & Nutrition, Immunology & Pathology, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Prematurity / Technology, Public Health/ Ethical & Legal issues, Research. $496
(750 AUD)
Clinical Lactation Management Brazil 100 h Online Breastfeeding Benefits for the infant, woman and society, Real and alleged causes of early weaning, Psychophysiology and Lactation Techniques, Complementary food and return to work, Resolving the most common complications, Counseling - The Art of Listening. $64
Lactation Consultant Training Canada 108 h In person Anatomy and physiology of the infant and breast, Nutrition and Biochemistry, Immunology and infectious diseases, Pregnancy, Labor, Birth & 1st Week of Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding Techniques & Equipment, Not enough Milk & Premature Babies, Artificial Infant Milk & WHO Code, Counselling and Communication, Ethics and Breastfeeding, Pharmacology and Breastfeeding. $1500 USD [27]
Breastfeeding Consultant Training for Health Professionals Denmark 90 h In-person 3 modules – more information upon request Not included [28]
South Africa Certified Lactation Consultants (SACLC): Post- Graduate Lactation- specific Course South Africa 100 h In-person and online Scientific aspects of Lactation, Nutrition, Immunology and Infectious diseases, pathological conditions that may affect breastfeeding conditions, environmental effects on breast milk, South African National Health Policy, HIV, WHO code, ESPGHAN and BFHI policies and implementation of it in South Africa, needs of a developing / developed country. $760
WABA and the Infant Feeding Consortium South East Asia- Malaysia 2 weeks In-person Components of Breastmilk, Anatomy, Positioning, Opportunities and Challenges, Management, Etiologies, Treatment Milk Supply, Pharmacology Milk Storage, Excessive Lactation, Weaning from Breast-feeding, Basic Concepts of Re-lactation, Induced Lactation, and HIV and breastfeeding. $3500
University Expert in Consulting and Advice on Breastfeeding Spain 900 h Online learning Communication and Education in breastfeeding, Anatomy and Physiology, normal process of breastfeeding and feeding, Special situations and maternal difficulties, Special situations and maternal difficulties, Neonatal difficulties in breastfeeding, TFE, Sociology of breastfeeding, Legislation, research and health publish. $976
(900 Euros)
Breastfeeding Specialist course United Kingdom 120 h In-person Anatomy and physiology, milk composition, Position and attachment, Breast pathologies, Breast surgeries and management of undersupply, Counselling/communication skills and connection, Ankyloglossia/Tongue ties, Breastfeeding devices. $1400
Lactation Counselor Training Course United States 52 h In-person Breastfeeding management training, Practical skills, Time-saving hospital strategies, Strategies and tips for special circumstances, e.g. Down Syndrome, newborns affected by medications, and more, Communication skills to mothers in a way that encourages them to choose breastfeeding, Public Health/WIC strategies that work to increase breastfeeding success. $685 USD [32]