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Table 2 Data to be captured in Phase 2 of the study

From: Implementation and effectiveness of continuous kangaroo mother care: a participatory action research protocol

Focus areas Specific information
Pregnancy history Pregnancy risk factors / complications
Delivery mode
Maternal age
Neonatal characteristics Gestational age
Medical needs at birth and in NICU • Need for resuscitation
• Need for respiratory support
• Medical complications
• Infection
• Intervention therapies
• Medication prescriptions
Weight • Birth weight (on admission to NICU/neonatal ward)
• Weight on admission to C-KMC
• Discharge weight
Head circumference • At birth
• On admission to C-KMC
• On discharge
Body temperature • On admission
• During hospitalization in the NICU
• During C-KMC
• On discharge
Operational characteristics Type of feeds – breast milk (tube/finger/direct), formula, mixed) • In NICU
• In C-KMC
• At discharge
Practice of C-KMC • Intermittent KMC in NICU (Yes/No)
• Mean duration of C-KMC (hours per day)
• Maternal cooperation during C-KMC
• Attendant to assist / substitute mother in doing C-KMC
• Family support with and attitudes towards KMC
Duration of hospitalization (days) • In NICU
• In C-KMC
Discharge Discharge permission signed by doctor  
Parental socio-demographic Mother’s educational level
Father’s educational level
Place of residence
Family income