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Table 4 Relationships between detailed feeding group and maternal sleep outcomes – statistical interaction with target infant age (P = .039), maternal weekly hours(a}

From: Association between breastfeeding and new mothers’ sleep: a unique Australian time use study

Feeding group/Age of target infant 3 months 6 months 9 months
A. Breastfed only 16.02 16.84 13.51
B. Formula only 20.69   14.52
C. Breastfed & formula fed 16.08 23.46  
D. Breastfed & solids 9.59 17.88 19.25
E. Formula fed &solids   25.96 22.53
F. Breastfed & formula fed & solids   26.05 17.08
  1. (a) Back- transformed means from residual maximum likelihood analysis, using linear mixed model. Note the back-transformed means will be similar, but not be the same as the predicted means for the original data due to the square root transformation and the unbalanced nature of the data. See supplementary table for predicted means and average standard error of difference