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Table 4 The most frequently named plants, foods and treatments to reduce the breast milk production

From: Plants, food and treatments used by BaKongo tribes in Uíge (northern Angola) to affect the quality and quantity of human breast milk

Species Common English name Part NC RFC
Monodora myristica (Gaertn.) Dunal Calabash nutmeg S 3 0.024
Abrus precatorius L. Jequirity bean L 2 0.016
Saccharum officinarum L. Sugar cane St 2 0.016
Salacia erecta (G.Don) Walp. L 2 0.016
Clean the body   2 0.016
Reduced food intake   2 0.016
  1. Listed in order of the number of citations (NC) and the Relative Frequency of Citation (RFC); Part: seeds (S), leaves (L), stem (St)