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Table 1 List of antenatal breastfeeding education topics given at all MOH facilitiesa

From: Postpartum women’s perception of antenatal breastfeeding education: a descriptive survey

Topic No. Title
1 Importance of breastfeeding to the baby
2 Importance of breastfeeding to the mother
3 Importance of early skin-to-skin after delivery
4 Importance of early initiation of breastfeeding
5 Importance of 24 h rooming-in
6 Importance of breastfeeding on demand or baby-led feeding or when the baby shows feeding cues
7 Importance of breastfeeding frequently to ensure adequate milk supply
8 Importance of good positioning and attachment during breastfeeding
9 Importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months with no other food or drink
10 Importance of breastfeeding beyond six months with complementary feeding
11a How to ensure early breastfeeding can be started
12a Risks of formula or replacement milk feeding
13a Implementation of mother-friendly care
  1. Extracted from: Panduan Pelaksanaan Inisiatif Hospital Rakan Bayi Kriteria Baru WHO/UNICEF 2009. In: Ministry of Health M, editor. 2013
  2. aDuring our study period, teaching of Topics 11 to 13 had not been implemented yet