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Table 5 Summary of barriers and facilitators for timely initiation at immediate and one-month postpartum, and for exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) at one month postpartum (n = 60)

From: Barriers and facilitators to breastfeeding during the immediate and one month postpartum periods, among Mexican women: a mixed methods approach

Facilitators Barriers
Immediate postpartum
a) Knowledge of breastfeeding emotional and physical benefits and techniques (information received during pregnancy)
b) Breastfeeding counseling
a) BMS promotion
b) Maternal and child hospital care practices (breastfeeding initiation after one hour after birth, infant formula feeding during first hour after birth, birth by cesarean section)
c) Lack of support to women to initiate breastfeeding at hospital
d) Lack of information about techniques to initiate and maintain breastfeeding
One month postpartum
a) Knowledge of side effects of BMS
b) Receiving information about breastfeeding during pregnancy
c) Experiencing breastfeeding benefits
d) Appreciation of breastfeeding practicality
e) Appreciation of monetary savings with breastfeeding
f) Family support (grandmothers, partner and other family members)
a) Milk insufficiency syndrome (perceived insufficient milk production)
b) Belief that BMS complement breastfeeding
c) BMS recommendation by health personnel and family members
d) Sore/ cracked nipples
e) Absence of breastfeeding counseling