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Table 4 EBF practices by mothers with 24-h recall and the deuterium oxide dose technique

From: Participation in the “nutrition at the Centre” project through women’s group improved exclusive breastfeeding practices, as measured by the deuterium oxide dose-to-mother technique

Method of assessment mothers who practice EBFVSLA-N@C group (n = 53)Control group (n = 50)Difference between groupsSignificance between groups (P)
24-h recall, n (%)51 (96.2) a36 (72.0) c+ 15 (+ 24.2)0.001*
Deuterium dose-to-mother, n (%)20 (37.7) b4 (8.0) d+ 16 (+ 29.7)0.000*
Difference between methods, n (%)31 (58.5)32 (64.0)−1 (−5.5)0.327*
  1. Values with different superscript letters in the same column are significantly different (p < 0.05); *chi-square test, comparison of two proportions; EBF Exclusive breastfeeding