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Table 2 Mothers’ participation in activities promoting EBF during last 6 months

From: Participation in the “nutrition at the Centre” project through women’s group improved exclusive breastfeeding practices, as measured by the deuterium oxide dose-to-mother technique

EBF activities promoted by the N@C projectVSLA-N@C group (n = 53)Control group
(n = 50)
1-Mothers listening to radio messages promoting breastfeeding, n (%)28 (52.8)31 (62.0)0.347
Frequency of listening to the radio among mothers
 Seldom (one time)8 (28.6)15 (48.4)0.002
 Sometimes (two times)7 (25.0)14 (45.2) 
 Often (three or more times)13 (46.4)2 (6.4) 
 2-Mothers’ participation in BSCC sessions in the VSLA group on EBF, n (%)53 (100)16 (32.00)0.000
Frequency of participation
 Seldom (one time)3 (5.7)13 (81.3)0.000
 Sometimes (two times)13 (24.5)3 (18.7) 
 Often (three or more times)37 (69.8)0 (0.0) 
 3-Mothers’ participation in BSCC sessions in the VSLA group on the best breastfeeding positions for optimal sucking, n (%)49 (92.4)12 (24.0)0.000
Frequency of participation
 Seldom (one time)4 (8.2)8 (66.7)0.000
 Sometimes (two times)14 (28.6)3 (25.0) 
 Often (three or more times)31 (63.3)1 (8.3) 
 4-Mothers have received a visit from a community facilitator, n (%)38 (71.7)8 (16.0)0.000
 Seldom (one time)6 (15.8)5 (62.5)0.010
 Sometimes (two times)18 (47.4)3 (37.5) 
 Often (three or more times)14 (36.8)0 (0.0) 
5-Individuals who have visited the mothers, n (%):
 N@C facilitator36 (94.7)0 (0.0)0.000
 Non-N@C facilitator2 (5.3)8 (100.0) 
  1. EBF Exclusive breastfeeding, VSLA Village Loan and Saving Association, BSCC Behaviours and Social and Comportment Communication, N@C Nutrition at the Centre