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Table 1 Sociodemographic characteristics of respondents

From: Examining working mothers’ experience of exclusive breastfeeding in Ghana

Industry RepresentedOccupation/RankAgeNumber of ChildrenEducational BackgroundWork ExperienceNo
ManufacturingProcurement officer282Graduate5 yrs. 
Operations Manager342MBA10 yrs. 
Human resource manager362Graduate7 yrs. 
Personal assistant312HND1 yr. 
Supply chain officer373Graduate6 yrs.5
BankingBranch manager292MBA2 yrs. 
Bank teller353Graduate3 yrs. 
Bank marketing representative403MBA12 yrs. 
Credit officer344Graduate5 yrs. 
Data processing officer303MBA1 yr.5
HospitalityGeneral Manager393Graduate11 yrs. 
Waitress353HND2 yrs. 
Event Planner262HND1 yr. 
Chef323HND6 yrs. 
Porter333HND1 yr.5
HealthcarePediatrician342Specialist6 yrs. 
Nurse282Graduate2 yrs. 
Pharmacy Technician303HND2 yrs. 
Physician assistant323Graduate4 yrs. 
Health Service Administrator362MBA10 yrs.5
Total     20
  1. HND Higher National Diploma, MBA Master of Business Administration