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Table 3 GLM univariate ANOVA for variables included in hierarchical binary logistic regression

From: Infant feeding guideline awareness among mothers living with HIV in North America and Nigeria

Outcome variable: awareness of national guideline on infant feeding when living with HIV (aware = 1, otherwise = 0)
Predictor variabledfMSFpη2
Country of residence (Canada/USA = 1, Nigeria = 0)
Age (years)
Formal education (years)
Marital status (married = 1, otherwise = 0)
HIV status disclosed to spouse (yes = 1, no = 0)
HIV status disclosed to other family members (yes = 1, no = 0)
Spouse’s opinion influenced IF choices1.01.26.610.00
Other family members’ opinion influenced IF choices1.00.00.952.00
Health provider’s opinion influenced IF choices1.02.69.408.01
Cultural beliefs influenced IF choices1.2912.13.001.14
Functional social support score28.
Country*marital status1.00.01.905.00
Country*formal education5.00.18.969.01
Country*HIV disclosure to spouse1.00.03.872.00
Country*HIV disclosure to other family members1.00.08.778.00
Country*spouse’s opinion influenced IF choices1.00.07.788.00
Country*other family members’ opinion influenced IF choices1.02.82.369.01
Country*health provider’s opinion influenced IF choices1.00.16.693.00
Country*influence of cultural beliefs influenced IF choices1.00.08.780.00
Country*functional social support26.01.39.996.12
Corrected Model133.
  1. MS Mean squares, η2 Effect size, IF Infant feeding. Statistically significant (α = .05) variables are bolded
  2. R2 = .771 (Adjusted R2 = .359)