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Table 2 Summary of main barriers and facilitators to donor human milk

From: Exploring the barriers and facilitators to the acceptability of donor human milk in eastern Uganda – a qualitative study

Major themeBarriersFacilitators
Existing practices and perceptionsOld assumptions of what is ok to provide such as cow’s milk, glucose and waterBenefits of breast milk acknowledged and some prior experience of DBM.
Fear of transmission of diseasePotential of HIV transmissionRobust, confidential HIV testing
Recipient assured only negative donors permitted
Misconception of non-communicable disease transmissionAppropriate maternal and community education
Processes of acquisition and storage of milkPerception of poor hygieneEnsure good hygiene practice throughout donation process
External influencesHusband as the final decision makerEducation of wider community using media and established community health resources
Transparency and health educationNegative rumors circulating in the communityTransparency and reassurance
Trust in healthcare workers
Fear of being blamed for poor outcome in recipient’s babyAnonymous donation
Appropriate education and reassurance of donor and recipient