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Table 3 List of events/programs Nestlé supported for the period January to November 2018

From: Corporate political activity of the baby food industry: the example of Nestlé in the United States of America

Name of event/programDatesRole of Nestlé
2018 National Child Nutrition Conference (A65)April 19–21, 2018Sponsor
AAP experience. National Conference & Exhibition (A59)November 2–6, 2018Exhibitor
NASPGHAN (North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition) Foundation/ Nestlé Nutrition Research Young Investigator Development Award (A45)Submission deadline July 6, 2018Award funder and foundation partner (A46)
American Society Nutrition 2018 - Samuel J. Fomon Award for Young Investigators (A27)June 19, 2018Funder and sustaining partner (A48)
Flux Satellite Conference by University of Chapel Hill (A53)May 6–8, 2018Sponsor
Continuing medical education on 12th Advances in Pediatric Nutrition by John Hopkins Medicine (A66)August 4, 2017- August 3, 2019Grant provider
Event “A Healthy Start: The Infant and Early Childhood Nutrition”, attended by nutrition experts and lawmakers (A67)September 12, 2018Sponsor