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Table 1 Participants’ demographic and household characteristics

From: Exclusive breastfeeding in first-time mothers in rural Kenya: a longitudinal observational study of feeding patterns in the first six months of life

 No. of participants (%)
Age of mother
 15–2915 (75)
 20–244 (20)
 25–291 (5)
Highest level of education achieved
 College diploma1 (5)
 College entry1 (5)
 Secondary school not completed3 (15)
 Primary school certificate4 (20)
 Primary school not completed11 (55)
Marital status at enrolment
 Single13 (65)
 Married6 (30)
 Separated from husband1 (5)
 Living with mother10 (50)
 Living with husband and mother-in-law4 (20)
 Living with grandmother2 (10)
 Living with siblings1 (5)
 Living with maternal aunt1 (5)
 Living with husband, mother-in-law is absent1 (5)
 Living with mother-in-law, husband is absent1 (5)
Financial support from baby’s father
 Yes15 (75)
 No5 (25)