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Table 3 Sociodemographic characteristics of the study participants

From: Women’s advice to healthcare professionals regarding breastfeeding: “offer sensitive individualized breastfeeding support”- an interview study

N = 139
n (%)
Country of birth
 Sweden118 (85)
 Other21 (15)
Level of education
 Compulsory school grades 1–95 (4)
 High school32 (23)
 University102 (73)
Civil status
 Married/cohabiting133 (96)
 Single or not living with a partner6 (4)
aAge of the women (years)33.5 (5.61) [20–51]
a Number of children1.8 (0.91) [1,2,3,4,5,6]
 One62 (45)
 Two51 (37)
 Three or more26 (19)
aAge in months of the youngest child21.0 (11.2) [6–56]
 Six to eighteen69 (50)
 Nineteen to thirty48 (35)
 Thirty-one to fifty-six22 (16)
Feeding type for the youngest child at six months
 Exclusive breastfeeding30 (22)
 Human milk and formula4 (3)
 Human milk and solid food95 (68)
 Human milk and formula and solid food10 (7)
  1. aMean (standard deviation)[range]