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Table 3 Results of structured interviews with peer counsellors (N = 17)

From: Characteristics and experiences of peer counsellors in urban Dhaka: a structured interview study

Question Theme identified/comprehension score N
Understanding of what the project is about* Limited understanding 2
Some understanding 6
Moderate understanding 8
High level understanding 1
Understanding of peer counsellors’ role in project* Limited understanding 5
Some understanding 6
Moderate understanding 3
High level understanding 3
Satisfied with job Yes 17
No 0
Number of daily visits performed 1 4
2 11
3 2
Perceived workload I don’t have much (light) 9
Average medium 6
No mention 2
Happy with training they received Yes 17
No 0
Wants further training Yes 13
No 4
Felt they were able to deal with problems Yes 2
Mostly 15
No 0
Steps taken when peer counsellors unsure of how to deal with problems Discuss with supervisor 16
No issues yet 1
Specific aspects of training that they found useful** Benefits of colostrum 7
Benefits and difficulties of exclusive breastfeeding 7
Assisting with position and attachment 7
Nutritious food for mother and child 3
Iron tablets 3
Antenatal care 2
Disadvantages of formula feeding 2
Procedure for complementary feeding 1
Proper meal for age 1
What affects your ability to perform your job?** Interruptions (phone rings, neighbours, older children interrupting during visits 7
Mothers are too busy 6
Mothers are kept quiet by in-laws 3
Mothers not concentrating 2
Mothers unhappy with messages 2
Can’t make it to the birth within 3 days 1
Limited by only giving nutrition information 1
Peer counsellor very busy 1
Child crying 1
Mothers not home 1
Do peer counsellors see mothers outside visits Yes 17
Peer counsellors developed a close friendship with mothers Yes 17
How do you deal with obstacles within the mothers family during the peer counselling session** Try and motivate family members 16
Enlist assistance from supervising peer counsellor 4
Try and correct misconceptions 1
Peer counsellors happy with incentives given Yes 5
Would appreciate an increment in salary 11
No 1
  1. *see Table 1 for explanation of how coding was developed **questions presented as open-ended, number represents the number of peer counsellor who raised this issue