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Table 1 Coding for level of understanding of the project and the role of the peer counsellor

From: Characteristics and experiences of peer counsellors in urban Dhaka: a structured interview study

Comprehension score Keywords required for Q1 Understanding of what the project is about Keywords required for Q2 Understanding the role of the peer counsellors in the project
Limited understanding Does not appropriately answer the question Does not appropriately answer the question
Some understanding Mentions Mirpur peer counselling project OR ward/cluster number Mentions “peer counselling” or “Mirpur project”
Moderate understanding Mentions one term in relation to breastfeeding promotion/infant feeding/colostrum/complementary feeding/child nutrition Some understanding PLUS
Mentions breastfeeding /infant feeding/child nutrition
High level of understanding Moderate understanding PLUS
Mentions information about correct dates when women start the counselling and when they complete it
Moderate understanding PLUS mentions problem solving OR being friendly and supportive to mothers OR motivation OR talking about helping women with position or attachment