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Table 4 Overview of key policy components

From: Using the behaviour change wheel to explore infant feeding peer support provision; insights from a North West UK evaluation

Policy category Examples of how policies were enacted by the peer support service
Communication/marketing • Posters in community/health venues
• Leaflets distributed at antenatal/postnatal contacts
• Displays on Children Centre plasma screens
• Social media
• Sticker on the mother’s ‘personal child record’
Guidelines • Code of Marketing Substitutes
• Infant feeding policies
Regulation • BFI external assessment processes: accreditation in 1998, 2011, 2016
• Training/supervision provided to all peer supporters (paid/volunteers)
• Peer supporter job descriptions
• Regular project meetings
• SMART action plans/feedback cycles
Environmental/social planning • Home visits offered by community peer support
• Breastfeeding groups at Children’s Centres
• Breastfeeding welcome scheme
Service provision • Support provided at antenatal contacts and on postnatal ward (daily support)
• Breastfeeding groups
• Community support up to 6–8 weeks