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Table 1 Qualitative research participants

From: Using the behaviour change wheel to explore infant feeding peer support provision; insights from a North West UK evaluation

  No. participants Data collection method
Infant feeding team n = 2 Group interview (n = 1)
Early Years - Children’s Centre Leads n = 2 Group interview (n = 1)
Hospital peer supportersa n = 4 Individual interview (n = 2)
Group interview (n = 1)
Community peer supportersb n = 2 Individual interview (n = 1)
Group interview (n = 2)
Volunteer peer supportersc n = 13 Group interview (n = 3)
Midwivesd n = 3 Individual interview (n = 3)
Health visitors n = 8 Group interview (n = 1)
Womend,e n = 8 Individual interview (n = 8)
  1. a Two of the hospital peer supporters took part in an individual interview, and two took part in a focus group with the community peer supporters
  2. b Both community peer supporters took part in one group interview, and a focus group with the two hospital peer supporters. One of the community peer supporters also participated in a separate interview
  3. c Three focus groups were conducted with volunteer peer supporters
  4. d All the midwives and women took part in telephone interviews – all other interviews were undertaken on a face-to-face basis
  5. e One interview was hand recorded and all remaining (n = 7) audio recorded