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Table 2 Core components, activities or services that support breastfeeding and early parenting

From: Place of sanctuary: an appreciative inquiry approach to discovering how communities support breastfeeding and parenting

Community facilities for children and families* The shopping centre as the village** Services for diverse community groups* Health services*
 • Green spaces, walking tracks
 • Playgrounds with well-maintained, safe equipment
 • Community centres
 • Community notice board
 • Access to parking for parents
 • Mothers groups
 • Australian Breastfeeding Association
 • Playgroups collocated with services
 • Local council events
 • Access to child care
 • Information for parents – mailed to each parent in community, annual parent directory, new resident welcome packs
 • Federal government local member welcome to new babies event.
• Cafes and restaurants welcoming and never being difficult in terms of supporting breastfeeding
• accepting of children
• shopping centre family room
• play areas
• open spaces for kids
• ‘POP UP’ playgroups in shopping centres
• Places available to feed babies
• Lots of facilities have baby change areas
• Specific services for Aboriginal women
• Community groups e.g. Turkish women’s groups
• Young parent program for example a specific mentoring program
• Culturally specific playgroups
• Bicultural workers
• Interpreters available and free to families
• World class maternity hospital
• Antenatal classes
• Breastfeeding class for young parents
• Caseload midwifery
• Midwifery @ Home
• Handover from hospital to community services
• Mentoring program – MASE
• Child and family health nursing services are available for parents and these nurses were considered knowledgeable and worked flexibly in the community
• CFHN helpline
• Breastfeeding drop in centre
• Immunisation clinics in community settings
• Good GP services
Other services:
• ABA helpline
*Data generated at the workshops at sites 1 and 2
**Data generated through the focus group with retailers as well as through the workshops
Other community services*
 • NGO and others services meeting and collaborate
 • School hubs – support for whole family; provide adult education including language; offer employment pathways