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Table 1 Workshop and focus group participants

From: Place of sanctuary: an appreciative inquiry approach to discovering how communities support breastfeeding and parenting

Site 1 (total 16)
Participants (unless otherwise stated were women) N
Parents of young children (3 mothers, 1 father) 4
Local Council – child health staff 3
Local Council – Children’s Services Manager 1
Local Council – Planning and Design Manager 1
Community representative and grandfather 1
Non-Government Organisations – supporting culturally diverse and vulnerable families 4
Local Bank Manager 1
Café manager 1
Site 2 (total 19)
Participants (all women) N
Parents of young children (4 mothers, 5 children) 4
Health Service – Hospital Maternity Service 2
Health Service – Community Child and Family Health 3
Health Service – Community Allied Health and Aboriginal health 2
Local Council – Children’s Services and Library Services 3
Local Council Planning 1
Non-Government Organisations supporting families 3
ABA representative 1
Focus Group Site 2 with Retail Managers/Owners (total 7)
Participants (unless otherwise stated were women) N
Shopping precinct Community Relations Manager 1
Cafe manager 1
Restaurant manager (male) 1
Bookshop manager (male) 1
Bookshop and toyshop 1
Maternity and children’s wear outlet 1
Department store manager 1