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Table 2 Sociodemographic characteristics of the study participants from the selected urban informal settlements, Mumbai (n = 25)

From: “Everybody breastfeeds if they have milk”: factors that shape exclusive breastfeeding practices in informal settlements of Mumbai, India

Sociodemographic characteristics n
Age (years)
 18–25 12
 26–30 8
  > 30 5
 Hindu 5
 Muslim 20
 Less than 6 years of schooling 15
 6–12 years of schooling 8
 Graduates 2
Employment status
 Not currently employed 25
Migration status
 Migrants 18
 Not migrants 7
Household structure
 Nuclear family 11
 Joint family 14
 Primiparous 6
 Multiparous 19
Themes covered in In Depth Interviews with mothers who exclusively breastfed their infants
 • How mothers understood EBF
 • What made the mothers take the decision to EBF- as per their definition of EBF
 • Cultural values and beliefs regarding infant feeding practices
 • Major sources of advice on EBF given to mothers (from family, media and the health system)
 • Perceived enablers of EBF for 6 months; how and why could these mothers practice it when others could not.
 • Perceived barriers to EBF and how these mothers coped with these barriers