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Table 1 Summary of definitions and measure used in the study

From: Perception of donor breast milk and determinants of its acceptability among mothers in a developing community: a cross-sectional multi-center study in south-east Nigeria

Variables Measures
Dimensions measuring respondent’s sociodemographic characteristics
 Age <  20; 20–29; 30–39; ≥ 40 years
 Educational level ≤ 6 years; 6–12; >  12 years
 Occupation unemployed; unskilled; semi-skilled; skilled
 Socioeconomic class Low; middle; high
 Religion Christianity; Islam; traditional; others
 Tribe Igbo; Hausa; Yoruba; others
 Marital status Married; single
 Spouse age <  30 years; 30–39 years; 40–49; ≥ 50 years
 Spouse education ≤ 6 years; 6–12; >  12 years
Dimensions measuring knowledge, awareness and attitude towards the concept of donor milk
 Ever heard of DBMa Yes; no
 Knowledge of the concept of DBM None; partial; adequate
 Awareness of policy on DBM Yes; no
 Willingness to donate/receive DBM Yes; no
 Requirement monetary remuneration Yes; no
 Requirement of spousal consent Yes; no
 Milk preference in medical condition Donor breast milk; infant formulas
 Will recommendation DBM Yes; no
  1. aDonor Breast Milk