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Table 1 Coding Scheme for Topics of Breastfeeding-related Queries

From: Exploring breastfeeding support on social media

Code Category Description
1 Breastfeeding and exercise Issues associated with exercising while breastfeeding, including breast refusal
2 Breastfeeding and health Protective benefits of breastfeeding, breastfeeding during baby’s illness, mother’s diet while breastfeeding, illness while breastfeeding, food intolerance, dieting, menstruation
3 Breastfeeding and medication/drugs/alcohol Safety of mother taking medication, drugs and alcohol while breastfeeding
4 Breastfeeding and pregnancy Issues associated with breastfeeding while pregnant
5 Breastfeeding and tongue tie Tongue tie issues, including poor attachment, low weight gains, reflux, unsettled babies
6 Breastfeeding and work Breastpump hire, expressing and storing breastmilk, caregivers and the breastfed baby, leaving breastfed babies for prolonged periods
7 Breastfeeding high needs babies Babies with chronic breastfeeding and behavioural issues such as frequent feeding, poor sleeping, fussiness, intolerance issues, general unhappiness
8 Breastfeeding management Physical management of breastfeeding, including timing and frequency of feeds, feeding to sleep, breast refusal (inc. distracted breastfeeders, biting and pinching while breastfeeding), breastfeeding with large breasts, positioning and attachment, mastitis, blocked ducts, cysts, white spot, thrush, sore and damaged nipples
9 Breastmilk sharing Wetnursing, donation of human milk
10 Low supply Issues associated with low breastmilk supply, including complementary feeding
11 Weaning Weaning babies from the breast, including reluctant weaners and older children