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Table 5 fsQCA coverage and consistency

From: The effect of family policies and public health initiatives on breastfeeding initiation among 18 high-income countries: a qualitative comparative analysis research design

  Raw coverage Unique coverage Consistency
1 ~Female part time employment rate* ~ Women in Parliament*family spending*FTE* ~ BFHI 0.381 0.0819 0.810
2 ~Women in Parliament*C-section rate*family spending*FTE* ~ BFHI 0.366 0.0667 0.803
Solution coverage 0.448   
Solution consistency 0.833   
  1. Outcome variable: low breastfeeding initiation (Intermediate solution)
  2. Note 1: The intermediate solution makes only basic, or “easy” assumptions about remainders. It is the mostly commonly used solution in fsQCA [44]
  3. Note 2: the tilde (~) symbol before a variable indicates that there is low adherence to that particular variable
  4. Note 3: The asterisk symbol (*) means "the combination of" the associated conditions