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Table 5 Reasons and decision makers for adding other milk along with breastmilk in normal birth weight infants

From: Breastfeeding and infant growth outcomes in the context of intensive peer counselling support in two communities in Bangladesh

  Reasons for adding other milk Who decided/ started No. and (%) of mothers
1 Added within 1st 3 days after C/Seca, as mother separated from baby Doctor 3 (6)
2 Added within 1st 3 days of normal delivery, as mother was very sick Family members 3 (6)
3 C/Seca followed by pain in abdomen and body for many days. Mother unable to care for baby properly, who cried a lot Doctor 8 (15)
4 Baby sick (cough, fever, breathing problem, diarrhoea) Doctor 5 (9)
5 Baby cried at night Pharmacy salesman 2 (4)
6 Wanted to feed baby other milk along with breastmilk Grandparents 9 (17)
7 Mother thought she had insufficient milk Mother 7 (13)
8 Mother and others thought baby did not want breastmilk Mother 7 (13)
9 Mother was sick (chicken pox, high fever) Mother 3 (6)
10 Mother went out for work (factory, housemaid) Mother 4 (7)
11 Family problems (quarrels & separation) Mother 2 (4)
TOTAL   53 (100)
  1. a C/Sec: Caesarean section