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Table 1 Specific tasks of peer counsellors and key counselling topics during pregnancy

From: Breastfeeding and infant growth outcomes in the context of intensive peer counselling support in two communities in Bangladesh

• Enrol pregnant women in the programme in the third trimester of pregnancy
• Encourage them to go to health facility for regular antenatal checks and tetanus toxoid injections and;
   oIncrease food intake at each meal and eat nutritious snacks in between`
   o Rest for about 2 h after lunch
   o Avoid lifting heavy weights
• Encourage delivery at health facility or by trained/skilled birth attendant at home
• Explain
   o Importance of early initiation of breastfeeding
   o Problems of pre-lacteal feeding
   o Benefits of exclusive breastfeeding
   oDangers of feeding a baby non-human milk and of bottle feeding
• Demonstrate correct position and attachment at the breast (with towel/doll)
• Encourage washing hands before breastfeeding