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Table 3 Barriers to early initiation of breastfeeding

From: Early initiation of breastfeeding: a systematic literature review of factors and barriers in South Asia

Supply-side barriers Demand-side barriers
Acceptability Acceptability
 1. Traditional feeding practices
  1.1 breastfeeding according to time of birth
  1.2 bathing rituals
  1.3 prelacteal feeding and discarding colostrum
 2. Advice of priests
 3. Influence of mother in law
 1. Lack of knowledge and misperception
 1. Lack of support
 2. Milk insufficiency
 1. No or few antenatal appointments
 2. Home delivery
 3. Type of delivery assistance and practices
 4. No post-natal check-up
 1. Low socio economic status linked to lack of access to media: radio and newspaper
 2. Mother’s involvement in decision making