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Table 6 The reasons for delay of initiation of breastfeeding given by mothers in Focus Group Discussions

From: Breastfeeding practices on postnatal wards in urban and rural areas of the Deyang region, Sichuan province of China

Classified reasons Representative quotes
Lack of knowledge about early initiation of breastfeeding “The doctors and nurses didn’t tell us to start breastfeeding immediately (after childbirth)…The grandparents also didn’t mention that.”
No breast milk at the beginning “Immediately after birth we had no idea that there would be some breast milk available soon after delivery”
“I could not see/feel any breast milk after delivery. Therefore, there was no milk ready to be sucked out.”
Caesarean section “Because I had a Caesarean section, the wound was still painful after birth. Therefore, I started to breastfeed my baby on the third day after delivery”
“After the Caesarean section, we expressed a bit of colostrum for the baby by hand”
Large nipples “The baby refused to suck, because the nipples were too big for him. About three days later, he was ready to start sucking.”