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Table 1 Summary of economic benefits achieved as a result of an additional 800 babies receiving kangaroo skin-to-skin care

From: The economic benefits of increasing kangaroo skin-to-skin care and breastfeeding in neonatal units: analysis of a pragmatic intervention in clinical practice

Benefits achieved Minimum savings (£) Maximum savings (£)
Reduction in length of stay in neonatal units 562,461 1,227,187
Reduction in hospitalisation of babies 119,491 766,916
Changes in management of babies during urgent transfers 6,184 15,460
Total potential savings 688,136 2,009,563
  1. Assumptions made:
  2. 1Reduction in length of stay in neonatal units: minimum savings length of stay 1.1 days, maximum savings 2.4 days;
  3. 2Reduction in hospitalisation: minimum savings only take costs of severe infections, maximum costs total savings for all conditions;
  4. 3Changes in management of babies during transfers: minimum savings assume 10% need emergency transport; maximum savings assume 25% need emergency transport.