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Table 2 Criteria for mother-friendly care in Austria [ 13 ]

From: The bumpy road to implementing the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative in Austria: a qualitative study

A natural birth experience is a significant prerequisite for successful breastfeeding. Therefore, mother-friendly care is a compulsory part of BFHI-certification. The criteria require, unless medically indicated that:
a) Mothers can bring a companion of their choice to provide continuous physical and/or emotional support during labor and birth, as desired.
b) Mothers can drink and eat light foods during labor, as desired.
c) Mothers can walk and move about during labor, as desired.
d) Mothers can choose a position while giving birth.
e) Mothers should be offered the use of non-drug methods of pain relief.
f) Invasive procedures such as rupture of the membranes, episiotomies, acceleration or induction of labor, instrumental deliveries, or cesarean sections should be used only for medical indications.
g) Standards, guidelines and training curricula of the maternity unit support mother-friendly care.