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Table 1 Structure of the National Stakeholder Meeting

From: Breast milk donation after neonatal death in Australia: a report

Segment of NSM Breakdown of timing of each segment at NSM Details/discussion
Introduction 20 mins Stakeholders stated their institutions’ current position with regard to neonatal death and milk donation and any important personal experiences on the topic.
Literature review 15 mins A literature review on lactation and milk donation after neonatal death was presented
Research findings 20 mins Preliminary findings from part one of the current research project (‘Breast milk Donation After Neonatal Loss’) exploring bereaved mothers’ experiences with lactation and milk donation were presented
Sociological and bioethical review 15 mins Key sociological and bioethical principles regarding milk donation after neonatal death were presented.
Stakeholder discussion 120 mins Following the presentations, an interactive discussion among the Stakeholders was facilitated by an experienced social science researcher (KEC) to respond to the question, ‘what are the key considerations in our current practice, and in response to the NSM presentations that we need to consider for Australian HMBs?”