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Table 3 Maternal attitude and knowledge about colostrum and breastfeeding initiation in Arba Minch Zuria, 2012

From: Women’s perception and risk factors for delayed initiation of breastfeeding in Arba Minch Zuria, Southern Ethiopia

Knowledge and attitude Frequency Percent
Know the importance of colostrum 142 27.1
Has no concept about colostrum 183 47.8
Know breastfeeding initiation within 1 hour 150 39.2
Believe breast milk is good for the health of a child 350 91.4
Accept discarding colostrum as a culture 4 1.0
Believe colostrum causes disease 33 8.6
Perceive discarding colostrum as a norm 4 1.0
Favor cow’s milk instead of discarded colostrum 32 8.4
Believe prelacteal feeding is good for infants 30 7.8