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Table 3 Logistic regression model for predictors of exclusive breastfeeding

From: Prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding and associated factors among mothers in rural Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study

Variables AOR# 95% CI p-value
Type of delivery    
Normal 1.00   
Caesarean 0.45 0.19, 1.03 0.058
Wealth quintile    
Poorest 1.00   
Richer 2.40 0.94, 6.16 0.069
  1. Covariates adjusted were type of family, mother’s age, mother’s education, mother’s employment status, father’s education, sex of the child, birth order of the child, age of the child, number of ANC visits, place of delivery, type of delivery, breastfeeding education, initiation of breastfeeding, colostrum feeding, prelacteal feeding and wealth.
  2. #Adjusted Odds Ratio.