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Table 6 Multiple regression analysis of factors associated with exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months and any breastfeeding for 12 months

From: Breastfeeding policy and practices at the general paediatric outpatient clinic of a teaching hospital in Lagos, Nigeria

Dependent variable Independent variable R r2 F Sig. F change
Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 monthsa ANC in private hospital 0.217 0.047 10.8 0.001
Christian religion 0.261 0.068 8.0 0.028
Breastfeeding beyond 12 monthsb Low maternal education 0.207 0.040 7.6 0.006
  1. ANC - antenatal care; low maternal education - equal to less than secondary education; aAdjusted for maternal age, parity, maternal education, social class, place of delivery and child sex; bAdjusted for maternal age, parity, religion, social class, place of ANC, place of delivery and child sex.