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Table 1 Emergency supplies required for breastfed infants or for feeding infants using ready-to-use infant formula or powdered infant formula*

From: Emergency preparedness for those who care for infants in developed country contexts

Exclusively breastfed infant Exclusively formula fed infant with ready-to-use infant formula Exclusively formula fed infant with powdered infant formula
100 nappies 56 single serves of ready-to-use infant formula 2 tins of infant formula
200 nappy wipes 84 L of water 170 L of water
  Large storage container Large storage container
  Metal knife Large cooking pot with a lid
  Small bowl Kettle
  56 feeding bottles or cups Gas stove
  56 zip-lock plastic bags Box of matches or lighter
  220 sheets of paper towel 14 kg of liquid petroleum gas
  Detergent Measuring container
  120 antiseptic wipes Metal knife
  100 nappies Metal tongs
  200 nappy wipes Feeding cup
   300 sheets of paper towel
   100 nappies
   200 nappy wipes
Estimated cost
Estimated cost of consumables $550 Estimated cost of consumables $250
  1. *Costs are presented in Australian dollars