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Table 1 Questions explored during the FGD

From: Selling a service: experiences of peer supporters while promoting exclusive infant feeding in three sites in South Africa

Theme Questions
Recruitment Could you please explain how you recruited women to the study?
  How long did it take you to walk around looking for women to recruit?
  How long did it take you to recruit women when you had scheduled visits that you needed to honour?
Visits Could you please explain what you discussed in each visit?
     a. How long was each visit?
  If you find the baby sick during any of the visits, what did you do?
     b. How long would this visit take?
  Did you conduct more than the specified reasons, in other words did you have extra visits?
     c. How many extra visits did you do per person?
Disclosure Did the women you visited disclose to you?
     d. When did most women disclose?
Planning How did you decide on the number of visits you needed to do per day?
  Did you plan at the beginning of the week for the whole week or did you plan daily just for that particular day? How did you manage this planning?
     e. How long did the planning take?
Breaks during work When you do this work do you take lunch?
     f. If yes how long is your lunch?
     g. If no, why not?
Supervision Did you have monthly meetings?
     h. If yes, what did you discuss?
     i. How long were these meetings?
  Did you have one on one meeting with your supervisor? Were you ever accompanied by a supervisor to a visit?
     j. Were these visits longer or shorter?
     k. After a visit with your supervisor did you discuss your work afterwards?
Missed visits Did you ever miss a visit?
     l. What are the reasons for missing a visit?
Travel Did you ever use public transport in your work?
     m. If yes, how much did it cost?
  Is there anything else you would like to talk about?
Thank you all for participating in this focus group discussion.