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Table 5 Preference of mothers regarding peer counselling (n = 370, more than one response allowed for each woman)

From: "She would sit with me": mothers' experiences of individual peer support for exclusive breastfeeding in Uganda

Reasons for preferring peer counsellor n %
She is friendly, handles us well, asks for my consent before teaching me and is known to us 137 37
Nobody else has been doing it apart from peer counsellor 61 17
She is trained, has good ideas and I believe what she teaches 57 15
She lives in our community and is easily accessible for assistance 53 14
She comes to my home 32 9
She is respectful and accommodative despite your status 11 3
Others 2 1
Reasons for preferring others   
The health worker is trained and has more knowledge/experience 49 13
Friend is near us, emphasise breastfeeding and love children 7 2
Traditional birth attendants have been trained and they know something about delivery and breastfeeding 8 2
Grandmothers have experience since they have given birth and are older than us 6 2
Others 22 6
  1. *The total number of reasons is not equal to the number of women interviewed because some women gave more than one reason while others gave none