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Table 4 Mothers feeling respected by peer counsellor (n = 370, more than one response allowed for each woman)

From: "She would sit with me": mothers' experiences of individual peer support for exclusive breastfeeding in Uganda

Reasons why mother felt she was given respect n %
Peer counsellor talked to me nicely and politely 141 38
She first asked my permission before talking to me 90 24
She came to my home as a visitor 70 19
She was patient and answered my questions 38 10
She would greet me and greet my husband 22 6
She called me "mayi" (=mother) 19 5
She would thank me for allowing me to talk to her 17 5
She knocked on my door and waited humbly 13 4
She would let me finish whatever I was doing before we talk 12 3
She sat next to me 12 3
She is good and well behaved in the community 11 3
She does not minimise me 10 3
She would take the seat I offered her 10 3
Others 47 13
Reasons why mother felt she was not given respect   
Because I wasn't the same age as her 1 0.3
  1. *The reasons are not equal to the number of women interviewed because some women gave more than one reason while others gave none