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Table 3 Feeling free to discuss with peer counsellor (n = 370, multiple responses allowed for each woman)

From: "She would sit with me": mothers' experiences of individual peer support for exclusive breastfeeding in Uganda

Reasons why mother felt free to discuss with peer counsellor* n %
I wanted to learn more from the peer counsellor 117 32
The peer counsellor was known to me as we live in the same village 76 21
She brought us good and important information for children 64 17
She was friendly with a good approach 50 14
She is a fellow woman and a mother 26 7
She found me at home 12 3
The peer counsellor used to visit me when I had no work 12 3
She was a visitor in my home 11 3
She was patient with me 10 3
I asked her questions 7 2
Peer counsellor sat with me 6 2
Others 21 6
Reasons for not feeling free   
Peer counsellor was new to me 4 1
She was older than me 4 1
I had little time for the peer counsellor 4 1
I was half attentive to her because I had problems 1 0.3
  1. *The reasons are not equal to the number of women interviewed because some women gave more than one reason while others gave none