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Table 2 Women's feelings about time spent with peer counsellor (n = 370, multiple responses allowed for each woman)

From: "She would sit with me": mothers' experiences of individual peer support for exclusive breastfeeding in Uganda

Reasons for women's satisfaction with time spent * n %
Peer counsellor taught me a lot about breastfeeding 203 55
She took time to explain and repeated whatever I did not understand 107 29
She gave me chance to ask questions and also asked me questions 12 3
She taught me good things and how to keep my baby 7 2
Others 7 2
Reasons for dissatisfaction   
Peer counsellor was in a hurry and spent a short time 31 8
Peer counsellor came when I was busy with other things to do 7 2
I only learnt a few things from her 6 2
She only came to tell me to breastfeed my baby until six months 2 1
  1. *The total number of reasons is not equal to the number of women interviewed because some women gave more than one reason while others gave none