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Archived Comments for: A method for standardizing the fat content of human milk for use in the neonatal intensive care unit

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  1. A question

    Valerie McClain, n/a

    29 April 2009

    In this study, it states that the authors have no competing interests. I would think having patents or patent applications would be something that should be declared. Patents and/or applications would show the intent to market or sell an "invention." One of the authors to this study. Peter E. Hartmann is one of several listed inventors to various patent applications at the US Patent & Trademark Office. All three of these applications are owned by Medela. There are 3 patent applications: #20080187619, "Human Milk Fortifiers & Methods for Production;" #20080118615, "Method for Analysing & Treating Human Milk and System Therefore;" #20080075819, Treatment of mother's milk."
    Why are patent applications or patents not considered a competing interest?

    Competing interests

    No competing interests