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Table 1 Experimental design

From: Early lactation performance in primiparous and multiparous women in relation to different maternity home practices. A randomised trial in St. Petersburg

Main groups Delivery ward Maternity ward
  Location Apparel Location Apparel
I "Skin-to-skin group" n = 37 Skin-to-skin No Rooming-in Swaddling
  Skin-to-skin No Rooming-in Clothes
II "Mother's arms group" n = 40 Mother's arms Swaddling Rooming-in Swaddling
  Mother's arms Clothes Rooming-in Clothes
III "Nursery group" n = 38 Nursery Swaddling Nursery Swaddling
  Nursery Clothes Nursery Clothes
IV "Reunion group" n = 38 Nursery Swaddling Rooming-in Swaddling
  Nursery Clothes Rooming-in Clothes