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Table 3 Residual symptoms reported by women on the six week follow-up questionnaire (n = 176)

From: A descriptive study of Swedish women with symptoms of breast inflammation during lactation and their perceptions of the quality of care given at a breastfeeding clinic

Symptoms reported Responders with symptoms
Responders with renewed symptoms who were given treatment
Lumps in the breast 11 (6.3) none
Redness of the breast 4 (2.3) none
Breast tension 1 (0.6) none
Breast boil 1 (0.6) 1 (0.6)
Itchy skin rash 1 (0.6) none
Breast inflammation 48 (27.3) 16 (9.0)
Treatments given n  
Antibiotics 8  
Acupuncture 7  
Lactation suppression medication 1  
Oxytocin nasal spray 1 There was no record of treatment given for 4 of the women who reported being treated