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Archived Comments for: The milk of human kindness: the story of the Mothers Milk Bank at Austin

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  1. Notification to colleagues of the death of George Sharpe, MD

    Barbara Wilson-Clay, Mothers Milk Bank at Austin

    6 June 2006

    Dr. George Sharpe, one of the founding neonatologists of the Mothers Milk Bank at Austin, died at his home on June 3, 2006, after a long illness. His passing is a huge loss to the Austin milk bank, to his colleagues and friends, and to the entire Austin community, where he provided compassionate care for a generation of preterm infants. Having so recently written of Dr. Sharpe's efforts in founding a human milk bank, I wanted to share the news of his passing.

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    Irena Zakarija-Grkovic, University of Split, School of Medicine

    12 June 2006

    How inspiring!

    The wonderful work of the MMBA brought tears to my eyes.

    I can only dream of something even remotely similar to your facility, here in Split, but I'll definitely add it to my list of 'Things To Do' for the future.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    Yours respectfully,

    Irena Zakarija-Grkovic, MD,FRACGP,IBCLC

    P.S. I hope this comment isn't deemed trivial - I was simply compelled to share my heartfelt feelings with you.

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