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Table 4 Association of expression of breast-milk with the risk of discontinuing any breastfeeding before 6 months after adjustment for potential confounders* in the Perth Infant Feeding Study II

From: Breastfeeding duration in mothers who express breast milk: a cohort study

Expressed before six months Crude RR (95% CI) Adjusted RR (95% CI)
Never expressed 1 (reference)   1 (reference)  
Expressed 0.58 (0.45, 0.74) 0.71 (0.52, 0.98)
  1. -2 log likelihood (deviance) 2057.423, df 15
  2. * The variables controlled for the model were infant sex, infant birth-weight, infant admitted in a special care nursery, maternal marital status, demand feeding, parity, attendance at antenatal classes, maternal age, maternal IOWA score, mothers' occupations, age of infant when mother returned to work, maternal years of education, maternal country of birth, how many times mother being sick in one year, maternal grandmother's feeding preference, father's feeding preference, age by which dummy was introduced, time at which infant feeding method decided, how many times mother having breastfeeding problems in one year, and total number of weeks for expression in one year.