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Table 1 Semi-structured interview guide

From: Hands-on approach during breastfeeding support in a neonatal intensive care unit: a qualitative study of Swedish mothers' experiences

1. Can you tell me about your breastfeeding experiences in NICU during the first days after birth?
Tell me about your experience of the support you received from the nurses during your initial breastfeeding situations?
2. Did the assistance, the information, and the support you received in NICU, influence your attitude towards breastfeeding?
Did it influence your breastfeeding experience for you and your baby?
Do you think it matters how nurses help you and your baby in a breastfeeding situation?
3. Did you receive hands-on assistance from the nurses in NICU when you were attempting to breastfeed?
If yes, how did the baby react?
How did you feel about this at that time?
At this moment thinking back, have your feelings altered towards hands-on assistance?
4. Did you experience that you needed hands-on assistance from the nurse in breastfeeding situations?
Would an artificial breast and a doll have been an alternative when guiding you instead of the hands-on approach?
5. Can you describe what an ideal teaching or support breastfeeding situation would be like for you in NICU?
What would be important for you?
What should the nurses take into consideration when guiding you?
As supplementary addition to each question 1–5; Can you describe in more words what you mean?
Do you have any comments, questions about the subjects we have just discussed?
Have I understood you correctly?