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Archived Comments for: Hands-on approach during breastfeeding support in a neonatal intensive care unit: a qualitative study of Swedish mothers' experiences

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  1. Nurses touching your body - it does feel uncomfortable

    Helen Moore, Breastfeeding Secrets -

    15 December 2006

    Your article is right on!

    Personally the nurse at the hospital asked

    me for permission to help me breastfeed.

    I thought that was very nice.

    But I did get uncomfortable quickly.

    Because breastfeeding is a very private

    & personal thing to do.

    And idealy -if done the right way - no help

    is needed.

    So as soon as I got a bit uncomfortable,

    I asked the nurse to just guide me how

    to do it & I'll do it myself.

    She was smart enough to understand.

    And so I got the best of both the worlds -

    I breastfeeded my baby totally myself

    & I did it the right way with her guidance!

    That's how it should be done in all hospitals.


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